Privacy Policy

The privacy of your personal information is very important to us. In order for us to gain and maintain your continued support, we operate under a code of conduct set out below. By joining our club, you consent to our use of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

Why do I need to supply personal information?

We require personal information to improve the services we provide to services to members.

When is my personal information collected?

We collect your personal information when you register on the site or with the club or when you supply any information to us. We also collect information when you correspond with us or use the Site to make enquiries.

Our server may also automatically collect additional information about your use of our service. It is standard for many websites to collect this type of information in order to enable them to monitor usage of a website and improve website content and navigation.

We also collect navigational data by placing cookies in your browser file on your hard drive. Cookies do not capture or track any personal information and cannot identify you as an individual. If you wish, you may elect to not accept cookies on your browser. This should not adversely affect your experience when visiting the Site.

Where will my personal information be used?

We use your information to monitor Site usage, to improve the look, content and navigation of the Site and to improve the services we provide to you as a member. In order to improve our service we may use your personal information, such as your email address, to request comments about your use of our Site. If you choose, you can opt out of receiving such communications from us by visiting the opt out section, and following the instructions to unsubscribe.

Will my personal information be given to anyone else?

Where you have registered with the Site and provided personal information to us, we may disclose your personal information to third parties where it is required by law, such as for law enforcement purposes or where there is a threat to a person's safety.

Our Site may from time to time contain links to other websites. We stress that these websites may have a different privacy policy to ours.

How do we keep your personal information safe?

All transmission of personal information is protected between your browser and our Internet server. You will know when transmitted data is safe by a security notice when you enter a secure page, and by the presence of an icon on your browser, such as a lock. Additionally, secure web pages can be identified by the URL. A standard page will begin with 'http://' where as a secure web page will begin with 'https://'. The pages where you submit your personal information are all covered by these security measures.

Personal information received from you is stored on our servers. Our servers cannot be accessed by any person who is not authorised by us.

Can I correct or update my personal information?

Of course. Once you have registered with us, you may at any time access and modify the personal information you provided in the registration form by visiting our profile update page. If your information is incorrect or out of date we ask that you correct that information. We will also take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify personal information if it is no longer required. Information is never completely destroyed due to technical and accounting constraints, plus legal responsibilities that require us to retain some information.

Contacting us

Naturally, it is in our interests to protect your privacy, so that we develop a long and trusted relationship with you. If at any time you have any questions regarding this Privacy Statement, the practices of this Site or dealings with this Site, you can contact the club manager on 08 9326 4954.